*Please excuse - our regularly changing daily menu is only available in german language
 for the purpose of effectivity. Thank you for your understanding.


"Big knuckle dinner"

0.5 Litres of beer
with a roasted knuckle,
bacon sauerkraut, dumplings
only 11.99 €


"Veal ribs day"

0.5 Litres of beer
with juicy grilled veal ribs (about 400 g) from the lava stone Grill with coleslaw
and fresh brewhouse bread
only 10.99 €



0.5 Litres of beer
with a big cutlet (200 g),
seasonal side dish and potatoes
only 10.99 €

"Burger day"

0.5 Litres of beer
with a Barbecue Burger and country fries
only 11.99 €


"Maß" beer day with live music"

from 12 noon live music
and the Maß (1 liter) home brewed Waldschlösschen beer
only 5.10 €


"Brewmaster breakfast"

Weisswurst (Bavarian veal sausage)
with pretzel, to half a litre of beer
only 6.66 €


daily from 1 pm to 5 pm
"coffee party special"

Coffee Cup with refill,
a piece of cake from the plate
only 3.50 €!